Becoming A Poker Dealer: Modern Casino Dealer Instruction Has Gone Online at

The emergence of coronavirus has made it commonplace for people to communicate, learn, and collaborate over the web. A growing number of companies are now using these same technologies to change entire industries. 2021 is just the beginning of a communications revolution within the casino industry. Dave Thompson, 32, is the CEO of Changing Vegas, a community-based business that creates Vegas-related courses, games, content, and businesses online.

Training the Next Generation of Casino Dealers

Dave Thompson has been dealing casino games on the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Vegas for 10 years, and has been teaching break-in and advanced casino dealers for the last three. He’s also dealt in the WSOP and other popular casino tournaments, and has trained others to do the same. Since 2016, as Thompson gained business startup experience, he’s been wanting to launch a modern casino dealing school using a Millennial approach.

Thompson remarks: “Right now, people’s lives are being upended and people aren’t sure what will happen next. Yet, now more than ever, they’re looking for new ways to make money, for new careers that suit their personality and lifestyle. If you’ve ever been curious about casino dealing or working in Las Vegas, there’s a huge opportunity now to prepare for when Vegas really starts to recover from the virus. Dealing casino games is a lucrative opportunity if you know where to look. It’s fun, versatile, and now it’s available online.”

After being developed last Spring and Summer during the lockdown, SuperDealer was launched in October 2020. The first online course offered is for poker dealers. It’s called “Get WSOP Ready!”

Millennials Are Building “The New Vegas”

SuperDealer is a classic industry disruptor.

“I want to help humanize the casino industry,” Thompson explains, “and to do that dealers need better communication skills, in addition to solid dealing techniques. Especially given the current economic downturn, new casino games, entertainment, and “blended” social/digital experiences are needed to attract the next generations of gamblers. Dealers are an essential part of this change. They are the face of casino gaming.”

“Get WSOP Ready!” is comprehensive. It includes 90+ videos, broken down into bite-size lessons, along with periodic quizzes and drills.

The course covers how to deal all 19 games in the WSOP, offering tips on where to apply as a dealer and how to pass an audition, including the WSOP audition. (Many people don’t realize that the WSOP must hire hundreds of dealers each year to staff their events. Many of these dealers have no previous experience, and use the WSOP as an opportunity to try out casino dealing for the first time and make some extra money over the summer).

SuperDealer (, the first professional online casino dealing school, is Thompson’s initial venture into distance learning.

SuperDealer students get to learn each poker variation up close, as Thompson brings in some of his former students and provides “Director’s Cut” commentary on live action play. (Sample lessons are included at and on the Changing Vegas YouTube channel.)

With daily practice, Thompson says it will take the average student about 60-90 days to complete the training. There are no prerequisites to enroll. Students can access course materials on their computer, or via the Teachable app if they’re on the go.

Thompson believes that now, as the economic situation begins to improve, is the perfect time to train as a dealer. There is way too much money in casino gaming for the profession to fold.

SuperDealer Provides Ongoing Support for Students via Zoom

Every Wednesday, Thompson holds a private, students-only Zoom call to communicate with students and answer their questions. Thompson also uses the Changing Vegas Twitch channel to interact with SuperDealer students and Las Vegas enthusiasts.

“I want to use technology to give my students an edge,” says Thompson. “I want to show my students what I wish I knew when I started dealing.”

The SuperDealer Poker Course is for anyone who loves poker and wants to get a job dealing the WSOP, or a similar summer series. It’s for individuals looking for a new career in casino gaming or a strong part-time job to earn extra money. The course is also designed for experienced table game dealers who want to add another game to their skillset. The cost of the course is $299, which includes ongoing access to Thompson via student-only Zoom calls.

The future success of Las Vegas – and the gaming industry overall – depends on the development of exciting gaming and entertainment options, driven by innovation. Being able to train for a gaming career online is part of that evolution.