How to see your LinkedIn Profile as others see it

By Paige Sherwood

If you seek professional success and network growth, learning how to see your LinkedIn profile as others see it will be of great benefit. After all, LinkedIn’s primary purpose is to “connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.”

A negative perception of your LinkedIn profile may cost you connections and ultimately opportunities. After learning of these perceptions, don’t be afraid to make necessary changes. Optimizing your personal brand is always a good idea.

LinkedIn no longer has a “view profile as” feature, but fret not. Below we will share how you can see your profile from the perspective of other LinkedIn members.

Open an Incognito Tab

Your computer already knows you, so conceal your identity and follow these steps:

  1. Open an incognito tab
  2. Paste your LinkedIn URL
  3. Press enter

View From Within Your Own Profile

You can also view your profile from an outsider’s perspective when logged into your own account.


  1.   Log in to your profile
  2.   Click on the “Me” dropdown menu (found at top right of page)
  3.   Choose “Settings & Privacy”
  4.   Hit “Visibility” (found on left side menu)
  5.   Finally, press “edit your public profile.”

You will be taken to a new page that provides a preview of your profile.

Get Input from Others

Swap phones with a friend and Google your LinkedIn URL, or search your name on or on the mobile app. Have them do the same on your device. This provides an opportunity to not only see how others view both of your profiles, but also reconnect after the pandemic. Asking for candid feedback from a trusted friend can improve your digital identity.

Check on Multiple Devices

Evaluate your profile on both a computer and a mobile device to reduce discrepancies. For example, I loved my background photo. I had uploaded it from my mobile phone, but on desktop view, the quality appeared significantly worse. The opposite effect could also occur, making your desktop edits less than optimal for mobile viewing. Remember, your first and only impression may be made by a potential employer on their mobile device

Search Yourself

If you are still curious about your online presence, Google your name in an incognito tab and see what comes up. If your name is uncommon, your LinkedIn profile might be the first result.

You will also see what other content appears. This provides insight on how current or potential employers view your online presence. You can post or remove content.

Any additional questions may be addressed at the LinkedIn help center (