WFH, what about TFH (Train From Home) while you WFH?

Be honest, how much time have you saved by WFH? How would your life improved by dedicating, say 20% of that extra time to learning something new?

Please don’t misunderstand the headline. I am NOT suggesting that you train for a new or better job while you are on your WFH on employer’s  clock.

I am however interested in getting you to think about how you might  allocate some of the time you no longer waste commuting. Is there some kind of career training course you might consider enrolling in that would be a blessing for your future self? A course that you could spending 20-40 minutes a day working on before or after your WFH time.

If you are anything like the majority of visitors to my site, then you have thought about half dozen personal improvement ideas that could now easily be pursued. Many of these courses or certifications are no charge. For example LinkedIn has an entire suite courses on all types of business related and personal improvement courses.

Another great resources is ED2GO who offers a number of excellent certificated courses to help grow your skill set and business acumen. Here are few of their most popular:

Creating A Successful Business Plan

Business Finance for Non-Finance Personnel

Administrative Assistant Fundamentals

Building Teams That Work

Achieving Success with Difficult People