What skills are required to start your own digital ad agency?

If you are reading this article, then you’ve likely seen ads on your social media feeds about how to start or grow your own digital advertising agency. From the amount of training courses and videos from wanna be marketing gurus it’s difficult to know where to start on the path to making a living as a digital agency owner.

To begin with, let’s define “agency”. For one person shops with VA (virtual assistants) and gig employees, it’s very difficult to be ‘all things to all clients’. For example, developing killer creative and a focused lead funnel is a very different skill set than optimizing a website for enhanced SEO.

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Neal Patel has made a FORTUNE from his digital marketing businesses, and it started from his one-man operation.

SEO alone is estimated to be a $64 Billion Dollar a year industry and like much of the digital marketing landscape it is a highly fractured and very competitive business. Even as we hear that Google, Facebook & Amazon take the lion’s share of the digital ad spend, what’s left over is still significant, not to mention Google and Facebook rely heavily on their digital agency partners to sell their service.